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Listed below are a few of the green initiatives we have adopted:

  • We utilize common parts across platforms during manufacturing, which enables efficient design and eliminates redundant parts in inventory.
  • Our K2V platform products are 100 percent Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) compliant and we have committed to ensuring all future products will be 100 percent RoHS compliant as well.
  • We have limited our products’ power consumption by shifting light sources from fluorescent lamps to LED, which improves efficiency and extends component light.
  • We have minimized power consumption through the use of timers installed inside and outside the building that automatically cut power after business hours, and on weekends and holidays.

  • We not only recycle logistical and packaging material, but we also donate reusable material to charity. For instance, we recently donated used office furniture to New Horizons Academy, a local school for children with learning differences.
  • We have hired KPMG to conduct a "Green Practices Review and Feasibility Analysis", which will identify areas in which we can further improve our eco-friendly practices, including reducing waste, lowering our environmental impact, improving our indoor
    air quality and creating an overall more sustainable working environment

Green Policy Document – PDF