Not only does SYNKROS capture a wealth of statistics about your gaming operations and patrons, it gives you the power to use them. SYNKROS Business Intelligence offers a complete set of business intelligence tools that provide detailed reports and visual analytics to better serve your ongoing analysis of your entire enterprise. SYNKROS Business Intelligence provides a true 360-degree view of your patrons and your business. The end result – the ability to make informed business decisions that directly impact your revenue, operational efficiencies and customers’ experiences.

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The power of SYNKROS in the palm of your hands.

SYNKROS is bringing business intelligence to a greater level of on-the-go mobility and visualization with expectation-based mobile dashboards through SYNKdot. SYNKdot is designed to give users a simple visual interface to view real-time performance based on customizable operational parameters for the property as a whole and broken down into differing specialties or areas. In a single glance, SYNKdot gives a breakdown of the casino’s current status through backend performance indicators and metrics without the need to wade through pages of data points and statistics.

View real-time casino
performance at a glance

SYNKdot’s dashboard contains a list of key areas with corresponding colored dots to indicate performance levels. If the SYNKdot is green, then everything is good and running as expected. If the dot indicates yellow or red, then users can drill down into various sub-dots to identify the problem and take action. The simplicity of SYNKdot is truly ideal when you're away from your desk, walking the floor, and don’t have time to wade through piles of reports to gauge the property’s present operational health.

SYNKdots are created from a continually growing library of performance indicators, spanning floor occupancy, theo hold, net win, carded players, and any other information that is stored within the SYNKROS database, including data from external interfaces. Once the property’s performance indicators are defined, you can specify your own acceptable thresholds for each dot—either green, yellow, or red SYNKdot statuses. Custom weighting can also be configured for various dots and their impact on parent dots. SYNKdot is accessible by any device that supports HTML5, including PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows phones or tablets. Best of all, it requires no additional hardware or servers.

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