Not only does SYNKROS capture a wealth of statistics about your gaming operations and patrons, it gives you the power to use them. SYNKROS Business Intelligence offers a complete set of business intelligence tools that provide detailed reports and visual analytics to better serve your ongoing analysis of your entire enterprise. SYNKROS Business Intelligence provides a true 360-degree view of your patrons and your business. The end result – the ability to make informed business decisions that directly impact your revenue, operational efficiencies and customers’ experiences.


A series of visualization tools like heat maps will allow you to see your operations like never before. Data that can easily be presented in table form can also be represented in a series of color-intensity maps which can reveal actionable business insights with a quick glance.

Heat maps are available to view internal property performance such as slot volume, or external geographical results such as guest count by zip code to produce theoretical worth or feeder market performance.

Visualization Visualization
Visualization Visualization
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