With its suite of powerful marketing, communication and tracking tools, SYNKROS not only gives you the ability to control your market, but also gives you the power to expand it. Increase time-on-device, average daily theoretical and revenues with a fully integrated touch point marketing program that offers: True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit, True-Time Player Communications, True-Time Patron Management.

True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit™

Connect instantly with patrons to excite and entice play.

Marketing has a direct impact on your revenue. It can help you strategically acquire new customers, retain them, and reengage players who haven’t returned to your casino in a while. With the True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit you are able to identify who you want to reward, how you want to reward them, what you want to offer them, and when and where they will receive their rewards in order to achieve your desired objective.

Segment your customers with precision. Increase visitation by a group or specific player on a Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning or, for that matter, whenever. Create highly sophisticated, targeted marketing campaigns that offer free play, bonus points, or a multiplier that is delivered at the machine. Do it all using our intuitive bonusing tools. With marketing tools from SYNKROS you can realize your revenue potential and optimize profits.

Bonusing Framework

Bonusing Framework Chart

SuperSeries Community Bonusing™

SuperSeries is just that – super.

Super Series

System-delivered, server-based bonus games are a powerful way to create value on your floor. Designed to help customers answer the critical question, “where do you want to play today?”

SuperSeries offers a variety of exhilarating themes:
Hit the thrill accelerator as stock cars blaze the track.
Tomb Treader
Adventure is afoot as players seek their fortune exploring ancient Mayan temples.
Mustang Mayhem
Adrenaline flies high as P51 Mustangs race through the air.
Luck falls into place in this traditional lottery style game.
Locomo Motive Luck
All aboard for fun on a train engine bound for bonusland.
Marble Moolah
Excitement gets rolling as marbles and luck fall in favor.

Taste the thrills offered by SuperSeries

Nothing creates more buzz and excitement than the SuperSeries. This multi-level, multi-themed, floor-wide progressive community bonusing game is a true market-differentiator. Using the SuperSeries configuration tool, operators are able to customize the promotion to suit their respective marketing objectives – from the frequency of the games occurring to the value of the prizes won, and customizable tier multipliers for free play, bonus points, and bonus comp points. Engineered to drive players club signups and increase carded play, time-on-device, and visitation rates, SuperSeries is just that – super.

  • Drive player club signups

  • Increase carded play

  • Increase time-on-device

  • Increase visitation rates

Any carded player on any slot machine, regardless of manufacturer, can win at any time. Whenever a random SuperSeries game is triggered, patrons have the chance to win by matching their five personal code numbers (which the player can select and change at any time before the game begins) to the SuperSeries numbers that appear on the True-Time Player Communications devices.

SuperSeries is able to integrate into any existing media management system, delivering a floorwide experience to all guests, whether actively playing or not. The more numbers that match, the greater the value of the prize. And if all five numbers are the same, the top prize progressive jackpot award is won.

True-Time Tournaments™

Capture the attention of your guests by introducing a unique spin on system-delivered community gaming with player-on-demand or group start tournaments.

Finding places on the floor to hold tournaments has been an age-old problem, as is taking games off the floor for long periods of time. The labor to set up tournament areas can be costly, disruptive and unproductive. Costs of manpower to run a tournament can also be steep. Forcing players to wait in line to play in a tournament can create dissatisfied guests.

System-delivered tournaments offer up a new spin on community gaming. Now, tournaments can be automatically delivered via SYNKROS to any True-Time Windowing enabled machine on your floor. True-Time Tournaments offer two exciting ways to play: the revolutionary Player On-Demand format allows your guests to play their tournament entries at their convenience, without the need to rope off a large section of your floor, without taking machines out of service, without long lines, and without additional labor costs to set-up and run the event. And the all new SYNKstart format gives you the flexibility to run classic, synchronized tournaments at single or multiple slot banks, without the need to take machines out of service or re-option them to tournament mode. 

Tournament entries can be earned on ANY machine using the Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine. Players earn entries into tournaments based on any defined criteria, for instance: birthdays, new card sign-ups, wager amount, time on device and number of trips. 

For On-Demand Tournaments, once an entry is earned, players can redeem these entries on any True-Time Windowing enable machine at any time they choose. SYNKstart tournaments will typically be played as hosted events. Once the tournament is complete, SYNKROS will return the games to normal revenue generating machines. 

The True-Time Tournament Director Application will manage all aspects of True-Time Tournaments, including set-up, scheduling, and ranking of players.


Midway Madness

Draw Poker Bonusing™

Connect with your video poker-playing guests by automatically bonusing specific hands.

Video poker players can represent a significant share of your gaming handle. SYNKROS' Draw Poker Bonusing now offers a way to deliver an automated bonus to the player at the machine based on the game outcome. We understand that video poker players have a firm grasp of game math and pay tables, but they also love the prospect of getting an incremental bonus delivered to their game when they achieve four-of-a-kind.

Draw Poker Bonusing is a customizable solution that allows you to specify the type of bonus the player receives when they achieve a four-of-a-kind, straight or royal flush. This product was designed to automate popular card-of-the-day promotions. When players achieve the special hand, they will receive a BonuStream animated game, which will deliver the bonus award in a unique and entertaining way. Bonus awards can be configured to a specified minimum bet and do not affect the game hold.

Draw Poker Bonusing

Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine™

Connect directly to your most valuable patrons with this completely configurable rules-based bonusing engine that delivers pure marketing horsepower.

SYNKROS offers rules-based incentives that react to patron’s play on a machine while they are playing to drive time-on-device and additional trips.

You can automatically reward patrons based on a multitude of patron specific criterion such as:

  • Patron club status

  • Geographic and demographic information

  • Patron dates such as birthday or sign-up date

  • Patron groups

  • Site-defined events

  • Any combination of 39 real-time and/or historical patron wager, point or theoretical meters

Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine lets you create unlimited incentives scenarios to target specific types of play behavior and situations, specific types of patrons, specific areas of the casino, specific days/times of the week, number of trips per week/month, etc. Reward patrons at the slot machine using a library of 20 interactive BonuStream animations, providing you with the ability to target your bonusing efforts and reward your most valued patrons. The reward type and reward amount are totally at your discretion and can be configured based upon numerous platform performance and demographic criteria.

The Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine is integrated into the system as a marketing tool kit enabling you to create your own marketing programs and:

  • Build specific incentives programs with unique solutions for all of your tactical goals

  • Set up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targeted incentives

  • Reward patron loyalty with free play, cash, comps or points, automatically in real-time

  • Configure random free play or point awards based on minimum, maximum, or average thresholds.

  • Reward guests with real-time point or comp multipliers

  • Give patron points and the ability for redemption on third-party activity

  • Points on meals purchased

  • Points on hotel revenue

  • Drawing tickets, prizes and bulk points

Advanced Incentives Bonusing


Contest Draw Manager™

Automate the issuance of electronic drawing tickets and run your drawings efficiently.

Casinos understand that guests enjoy drawings because they are exciting and offer chances to win multiple or even life changing prizes. Similarly, casinos like drawings because they can extend marketing investments across broader audiences and over extended periods of time by offering “chances to win” various prizes. The SYNKROS Contest Draw product is designed to automate drawing events typically executed via the manual issuance and drawing

of tickets. Rules can be configured in the Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine to qualify players and issue tickets based on desired player behavior at gaming machines, gaming tables and POS terminals. At a pre-determined time the system will initiate and execute the drawing, allowing the casino employees to focus on running an exciting event and awarding the prizes to the winning guests.

Random Giveaway™

Connect with your guests by offering random bonus awards
based on rules criteria that you set.

The SYNKROS system can be configured to randomly select a machine or machines and award a prize such as non-cashable promotional credits. Random Giveaway can be run on-demand or scheduled to run automatically, once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly at specific times.

With Random Giveaway, you can now run promotions promising random bonus awards on the days, at the machines, based on the qualifying criteria, and in the increments you want to drive the most profitable gaming revenue from your target market. Offering free play at random during specified time periods has been proven to drive coin-in volume and steal market share from competitors.

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