With its suite of powerful marketing, communication and tracking tools, SYNKROS not only gives you the ability to control your market, but also gives you the power to expand it. Increase time-on-device, average daily theoretical and revenues with a fully integrated touch point marketing program that offers: True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit, True-Time Player Communications, True-Time Patron Management.

True-Time Patron Management™

Capture more play and return visits based on real-time data.

The True-Time Patron Management tools will help you set the parameters to better manage you player base so that your marketing programs have a solid foundation for success. You will be able to create flexible and more effective marketing campaigns and events, plus develop targeted marketing campaigns based on real-time, transaction-level data from the places your guests spend their money.

Using the True-Time Patron Management module, you can manage your players more effectively using an array of tools such as:

  • One Touch sign up - an efficient and quick player sign up tool

  • One Card for Multi Site properties

  • Multi Site Global Point

  • Group Management

  • Tour Group Management

  • Event Management

  • Card Tier Management

  • Point Management

  • VIP management

  • Responsible Gaming

Patron Management
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