See every game or machine within your operation instantly, whether you operate a single venue or a large multi-site enterprise. Handle multi-game, multi-denomination accounting with ease. Make informed decisions with real-time views of your floor.

Money Klip™ Cashless Wagering

Capture your guests’ interest by offering a unique and convenient way to game in a totally portable and secure paperless environment.

Because some of your better players would prefer to game without the hassle of constantly having to feed cash or high-value TITO tickets into their favorite machine, we developed a paperless wagering system allowing guests to load their player’s account with funds and then access those funds at the machine through the True-Time Player Communications via their secure PIN. Jackpots are no longer a hassle either as they can be processed electronically, directly to the credit meter and without requiring casino service staff involvement. When the player wants to change machines, they simply remove their card and then insert it at a new game. The funds move effortlessly with the player because they are on the player’s account.

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