The integrated Table Management module has been designed to handle the most discerning of table games requirements at a price that is the best value in the industry. From simple fill and credit requests to managing a large 24-hour operation with staggered table rolling times, SYNKROS will drive efficiencies in your pit.


Table Management

The new features of the SYNKROS Table Management module were created based on direct input from casino operations executives and now provide casino personnel with the tools to make highly specialized table ratings. We have added the flexibility to modify player ratings based on patron skill, game speed, and play percentage to enhance the calculation of a patron theoretical win.

Tables Tables

  • Establish patron credit limits

  • Increase patron limit by dollar amount or percentage with approval

  • Allow TTO credit limit extensions

  • Print table TITO tickets for use in slot machines

  • Set up markers

  • Allow for funds on deposit (FOD)

  • Manage fills and credits

  • Track table chip inventory

  • Perform soft counts

  • Place players on hold and move ratings

  • Include table game players in marketing programs or bonus offers

  • Track “refused name” patrons

  • Post and process table jackpots from the pit

  • Create electronic signatures and time stamping

  • Create table openers and closers

  • Utilize touch screen interface

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